Live In Stockholm – Out NOW

I’m so happy and proud to finally release a live album. So many have asked for it, especially this past year so I wanted to make something special. Here it is… “Live in Stockholm” a heavy double vinyl + an exclusive 7 inch “Encores” + 12 page photo book. Trying to capture a bit of the magic we experienced on stage during my For the Young Tour.
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Girl Laying Down – Live In Stockholm

I remember struggling with this song, translating it from guitar to piano made everything fall into place. It ended up as the opening track of Separation Road, my second album released 10 years ago. The lyrics are inspired by a girl I knew once but lost touch with.

I´ve always loved this song and this version has great energy, Charlottes guitar crying in the instrumental part, Thomas choppy piano in the beginning, it´s beautiful but dark enough to make you wanna listen again and again…


Live in Stockholm is released Nov 25th, pre-order here:

Live in Stockholm 2016

Hope all is good with you.
The other week I started sorting through pictures from my show at Circus in Stockholm this spring; an evening that’s etched itself into my mind. It’s hard to describe what exactly makes a show good, all gigs are unique in their own way. We were roughly half way through a long spring tour, sound and light followed our every shift of nuance, and those of you who’d bought a ticket participated in everything that happened on-stage with a huge presence. It turned out to be a magic evening. The bus rolled on the day after, and we were tired but warm inside.
I want to give you, and those who weren’t there a chance to relive that evening.
On november the 25:th a beautiful double vinyl album (with an extra 7” single included) will be released, filled with text and pictures, giving an insight to what went on both on and behind the stage. If you were at any of the concerts, this record might bring a few memories back to life; if not, I hope you at least get a feel for what we experienced every night.
Until I see you the next time,
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