Jan 23rd

Very happy to play this festival in Örebro the 16th of May!!!

More info and stuff here

Jan 21st

Saw him stroll along the beach, he caught my eye instantly.

Dec 22nd

Blev fotograferad av Caroline Roosmark i höstas, en blåsig höst dag med långa flätor och svart tyll.
Stöd gärna projekt för socialt utsatta barn och ungdomar genom att köpa årets fina kalender.

“För tolfte året kommer “Årets Kvinnor och Män”, kalendern som vill återskapa lite magi i tillvaron. Texter och bilder arbetar med kända sagor, myter och roller som utgångspunkt, och med kända kvinnor och män. I Årets Kvinnor & Män 2015 blir 12 kända svenskar sedda på ett sätt som vi hoppas att du sent ska glömma. Vårt uppdrag är att förtrolla, förblända och få dig att för en stund glömma att du visste säkert vilka de var” (Caroline Roosmark )


Dec 12th

Back in Durango Studios, Stockholm recording with Andreas Dahlbäck. Working on the lead theme of german mini series called TOD EINES MÄDCHENS. (released spring 2015) I´m collaborating on distance with german film composer Florian Tessloff who is writing the score for this project.

More soon…

Oct 10th

In Munich working on filmscore with music producer Michael Heilrath, composer and bassplayer from the band Couch

The Film is called Agnes, shot in this very moment by german director Johannes Schmid. The film is based on a novel with the same name written by Peter Stamm, a dark lovestory where reality molds into fiction, and fantasy shapes two peoples destinies.
More soon…

Aug 4th

Happy Monday Everyone!

Wrote this songs for the Walking Dead Soundtrack a few months back. Enjoy!



Jun 25th

I’m playing a few acoustic gigs this summer in places I love.

First off I´ll host David Ferguson, John Carter Cash & Friends at the Station Inn in Nashville July 2nd. In August I´ll go back to my motherland for a festival and two solo shows.


2.07.2014  Nashville, Station Inn    Buy Tickets

2.08.2014  Falkenberg, Stålboms Konditori    Buy Tickets

16.08.2014  Luleå, Musikens Makt      Buy Tickets

17.08.2014  Bungenäs, Kalkladan     Buy Tickets



Mar 11th


I’m so excited and happy about this tour, never been in this part of the world before, and be able to take my music there feels amazing. More soon…

3.27 Beijing 8p.m.
3.28 Tianjin 8p.m.
3.29 Shanghai 8p.m.
3.30 Nanjing 8p.m
4.1 Chongjing 8p.m
4.2 Chengdu 8p.m
4.4 Wuhan 8p.m
4.5 Changsha 8p.m
4.6 Guangzhou 8p.m
4.8 Shenzhen 8p.m

Tickets and dates here


Feb 14th

Woke up early, city covered in snow. My unborn five year old took me out to play in the park. Happy Valentines everyone!






Feb 4th

Back in NY just in time for the Chinese New Years celebrations. I was born in the year of the horse so I place great faith in 2014. Horses easily fall and get their hearts broken, we spend too much money on pleasure and fun, can be arrogant when put under pressure-infact, we don´t like working under pressure at all. Shit, we have strict regulations BUT we´re trustworthy friends and passionate lovers that will stand by your side and not let you down. To get lucky, I’m gonna dress in blue and grey, wear wooden pendants and beads, bet on the numbers 7, 3 and 2.

Pictures from my Sunday Chinatown stroll